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You Will Want a KeepSake

Greetings Classmates, Teachers, and Friends,
Our 40-year Frayser High School Reunion will be here in a flash. The Class of 69 along with all our friends of other classes and even different schools know of our reputation for having a good ole throw down. Your committee members are working out all the logistics and finalizing what is shaping up to be the best of the best of our reunions to date. We have been assured that the venue at the Holiday Inn Select - East Memphis at 240 and Poplar will not be razed prior to our event. There has been mention of a special fund raising aspect that I would like to expound on for your opinion and advice.
We intend to upscale our program this year and have it published as a keepsake for years to come. I have volunteered to work out a program that will sell ad space within the program that will let our classmates give recognition to those who have helped move them along in our 50 plus years. It will also be an opportunity to honor our fallen classmates or promote your business or an array of other printed media to let us know what is important to you. Did you retire from Federal Express and start your own dog pooper scooper business? Exactly how many years did you spend in Brushy Mountain State Prison? Is your vote for sale? I know that some of you went to school with Elvis or Priscilla. The ads can be silly, solemn or used as a marketing tool
We have discussed sizes and pricing as follows; business card size for $25.00. The other sizing are 1/8 page, ¼ page, ½ page and full page priced at $50, $75, $100 and $150. The income generated from the ad campaign will be used for current expenses incurred to put on our event (we are holding the cost per ticket to only $60 so hopefully everyone who wants to attend will be able to afford it.)

Remember, none of us are getting any younger.  There will be an invitation sent by USPS and e mail soon that will have a block to check if you would like to participate in our ad campaign.  If anyone has some expertise in the printing business or are interested in helping out in any capacity in this effort, please let me know. The few of you who know me well are aware that I like to have fun doing anything I commit myself to. Let me know if you have an interest in placing an ad or serving on the committee to move this effort forward.   See you there!
Mick McCune
Home - 276-4443          
Work - 301-4945  


We are missing contact information for the following classmates:
  1. Albright-Green, Carlotta 
  2. Avant-Crain, Jeannette
  3. Beith, Deborah Ann
  4. Belcher-Chauncey, Marian
  5. Billingsley, Daniel Ray
  6. Boyd-Hays, Gail
  7. Bradley-Estes, Betty
  8. Bradley, Fred
  9. Brandon, Patricia Ann
  10. Briggs, Dennis
  11. Buxton-Delashmit, Sandra Lee
  12. Camp, Kathie Janine
  13. Campbell, Vickie Lynn
  14. Canizares-Vaughan, Patricia Ann
  15. Carrigan-Harris, Patricia Lorraine
  16. Carsley-Sanders, Nancy Darnell
  17. Cartwright, Ronnie
  18. Chandler, Jack
  19. Cook, James Steve
  20. Cooper, Jeffrey Lane
  21. Crawford, Victor Eugene
  22. Carsley, Don
  23. Dalton, Jack
  24. Ellis-Colburn, Carolyn Diane
  25. Feldbaum, Nina
  26. Flynn-Mrazek, Linda Phyllis
  27. Forrester, Amory
  28. Gibson, Brenda Ann
  29. Gibson, Harry
  30. Goforth-Brown, Susan
  31. Gunter, Juanice
  32. Hallmark, John Wesley
  33. Howell-Sulton, Judy Gail
  34. Johnson-Teal, Judy Novella
  35. Jones, Sherry
  36. Kerr, Merle Lee
  37. Kenny-Givens, Dawn Leigh
  38. Launius Walls, Linda
  39. Lewis, Charles Travis
  40. Martin, James Benton
  41. Mize-Wilson, Carol Kay
  42. Pittman, Steve Anthony
  43. Raburn, Judy Ann
  44. Rackley-James, Charlotte Lorene
  45. Riley-Gordon, Patricia Ann
  46. Rivera, Paul
  47. Rose, Dwaine Lynn
  48. Sain, Richard Lynn
  49. Sanders, Betty Ruth
  50. Sloane, Dennis Lee
  51. Steinfield-Calliham, Janet Ann
  52. Thorton, Gary Paul
  53. Warren-Beene, Pamela Kay
  54. Woods, Michael Allen 

Please respond to this email with any information you have.


Dear Classmates,

Our 40th Year Class Reunion is this Spring!  Save the dates of April 24 & 25 and plan to have a wonderful time seeing old and making new friends with the people you knew from Frayser High School. If you haven't already done so, we encourage you to visit our class website at                         

We would like to make sure all of our classmates receive an invitation soon but there are many we do not know how to contact. Would you take a look at the list below and see if you know how to contact anyone on this list? If so please send whatever information you have (mailing or email address or a phone number) to the Frayser Class of 69 Reunion Committee by replying to this email or by contacting anyone of the following Reunion Committee Members:

Reunion Committee

Brenda (Cotton) Grinder at 901 682-1419 or
Linda (Johnston) Black at 901 753-3996 or
Andy Black at 901 753-3996 or
Judd Childress at 901 276-5529 or
Rita (Dunagan) Goforth at 901 483-8915 or
Mary Geer-Smith at 901274-9071 or
Doug Jones at 901 624-3604 or
Debby (McCain) Phillips at
Mike McCune at 901 276-4443 or
Debbie (Mills) Upchurch at 901 754-4549 or
Dianna (Patterson) Drost at 901 487-8436 or
Wes Phillips at 901 382-7562 or



 Invitations will be mailed soon but you don't have to wait. Purchase your tickets today!!!
To purchase your tickets for only $60.00 per person,  mail your check (made payable to Frayser Class of 69 Reunion) to:
Linda Black
6739 Kirby Trace Cove
Memphis, TN 38119.
If you prefer to use a credit card: Call Debby Phillips at 901 896-9643 (Please note there will be a 5% service charge for credit card transactions.)