Frayser Class of '69 Reunion Information
Friday Night
April 24, 2009
7:00 - 10:00 p.m. 
Let's Get Reacquainted!
Greg & Nancy Grinder's Home
630 Hickory Lake Rd
Eads, TN 38028
for directions see link to mapquest below or call 901 466-7742
Saturday Night
April 25, 2009 
6:30 p.m. - 12:30 a.m.
Let's Party!
Holiday Inn Select Memphis East 
    I-240 & Poplar
Music by
Legends of Rock
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Our reunion is less than 10 days away. Here are a few things you might like to know:
  • Dress as you like. Friday night is casual. Saturday night you may dress up, but it is not required.
  • A photographer will be at both events. You may want to order a class photo and/or a DVD with all the photos in a slideshow. See details below.
  • Our buffet style dinner on Saturday night includes: Caesar & Garden Salads, Chicken Piccatta & Meat Lasagna, Potatoes Augratin & Seasonal Vegetable Medley, and the Chef's Selection of Desserts.  
Class Photo and More
Members of the Class of 1969 should be at the Holiday Inn Select before 7:00 p.m. on Saturday night.  Our class photo will be taken by our professional photographer, Bill Harbin, at 7:00 p.m. sharp.
Bill will also be available to take photos of other groups after 7 and he will be taking candid shots Friday and Saturday nights. Bill will create a slideshow (set to music) with the candid shots.
Prices are:
8x10 class photo $15
DVD (slideshow) $15 

If anyone would like to pay in advance, checks made payable to Bill Harbin should be mailed to:
Bill Harbin
4894 Shifri Avenue
Memphis, TN 38117 
We hope that you are looking forward to sharing a few memories and making some new ones. We certainly are!

Your Planning Committee
Frayser Class of '69 Reunion



Frayser Class of '69 Reunion
We need for you to complete the response card that came with your invitation and mail it as soon as possible. We must receive this information by 04/09/09 for it to be included in a souvenir booklet. This booklet will contain current contact information, life's high points, memories of Frayser, and thoughts on going back from all classmates who respond. We want your information even if, or especially if, you will not be able to attend the reunion. 
In addition, the souvenir booklet will include a section for ads. See Mick McCune's message below for details. We encourage you to:

Share your excitement about your life's passion (business, hobby, family, etc.)  

Pay tribute to a fellow classmate, teacher, or friend. 

Place an ad in the Frayser Class of 69 Reunion Souvenir Booklet.

*A memorial section will also be included.
Hi All:

It's hard to believe that our 40th reunion is less than a month away. It seems like just a short time ago I noticed that the days numbered over 1,000 in the countdown block on the website. The older I get, the faster that time seems to go by.

Here's an update on the ad campaign. We feel that 4/09/09 is a realistic cutoff date to accept your art work, business cards and quips of advice and recognition. There are a few out there that always seem to have relevant things to say that I have not heard from. Do you hear me Joe?  I will be speaking with Jimmy, our website guru and see if perhaps we can start posting the ads on the website and keep each of you in the loop on what's new.
The pricing is very reasonable:
$25 for a business card size
$50 for a quarter page
$100 for a half page
$150 for a full page
Think of your participation as a donation to our fund raising efforts. Ron, you need to grasp this opportunity to promote your new book on early Memphis Wrestling. I can't wait to relive those days. Chris, surely you can give us input on the wine of choice these days. My thoughts go back to Ripple, Thunderbird and Pink Pussycat in my high school years. Everyone knows that the Grinders are building Memphis day to day. All of you have something to contribute that can move us forward in living, learning and loving.

I must acknowledge a huge note of thanks to all the committee members who have stoked the fires daily to make this event happen.  We look forward to seeing everyone at Greg and Nancy Grinders, who have graciously allowed us to meet at their home on Friday night as a warm up for the gala on Saturday 4-25-09. Thanks to Andy for making the Legends of Rock our musical venue for the evening. They took a chance and worked a deal with us that we are forever grateful for. If you've never heard them on the Memphis music scene, you're in for a real treat. Those of you, who like me, wait until the last minute to do everything - surprise us and let's get our numbers of attendees higher than they are now.
If you have any questions that I can answer, my work number is 301-4945 and home is 276-4443. Don't forget Nancy, I'm holding some seats at our table. I want to hear all about it. Don't forget - Man moves toward and becomes like that which he thinks.

Mick McCune 
We are now able to extend the deadline for purchasing tickets to 04/09/09.
To purchase your tickets for $60.00 per person, mail your check (made payable to Frayser Class of 69 Reunion) to:
Linda Black
6739 Kirby Trace Cove
Memphis, TN 38119.
If you prefer to use a credit card: Call Debby Phillips at 901 896-9643 (Please note there will be a 5% service charge for credit card transactions.)
Frayser Class of '69 Reunion